There is a clear difference between someone who is shy and someone who is an introvert. This difference can mean a lot in understanding someone who you intend dating.

The main difference between shyness and introversion is whether the person WANTS to spend time alone or not. An introvert WANTS to spend time alone – they enjoy the solitude. A shy person doesn’t WANT to spend time alone – often they are too intimidated to be out socialising and meeting other people.

Although shyness can be overcome, it often takes a long time as it is engrained in a person’s attributes. Introverts have no real desire to change that part of them – they ore content spending time alone and find socialising in groups to be a draining task.

Shy Dating is an online community specifically targeted to SHY PEOPLE. We understand it can be hard for shy singles to meet others in public, that’s why we have provided the perfect, non-intimidating platform to meet people just like you.

Use the above to help with your introvert dating or shy dating partners.

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