1. Be authentic when making your Shy Dating profile. Don’t represent yourself as someone you aren’t. You should be true to yourself and who you are.
  2. Fill your Shy Dating profile with activities you love to do even if you think it goes against social norms. Being into gaming or comics, for example, isn’t something you should shy away from!
  3. Contact someone first if you think they would be a good match for you. Even if you are an extremely shy single, remember, so is the other person! Things are just as daunting for them as they are for you.
  4. Don’t stress if a person doesn’t message you back straight away. This may be for any number of reasons. Don’t feel disheartened as there are thousands of genuine singles on Shy Dating UK looking for someone just like you.

Use these shy dating tips and remember – the love of your life might be right around the corner!

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